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  • April Saturday Afternoon

    Went on a small trip to the country side, to enjoy nature and get some clean air….

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  • Team Building 2018 & Autumn Trip to Danube Delta

    Last week we visited the Danube Delta, Caraorman Forest (a strictly protected reserve with brown oak trees and many rare plants that thrive in the area – the access to the area is permitted only with a guide on the designated route), and the moving…

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  • Friends, REF and Clear Skyes

    This weekend we attended Rockstadt Extreme Fest – Indoor Edition, to Brasov, with our dear friends. On our way back to Bucharest, we made a small detour, to Poiana Secuilor. Autumn colors are spectacular….

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  • Four Friends, a Hiking Trail and a Lake

    This weekend we went to Lacul Vulturilor (Eagles’ Lake – The Bottomless Lake), in Siriu Mountains. It was just the four of us, and a friendly stray dog, that accompanied us all the way. It took us 7 hours, and we covered almost 24 km….

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  • A Girl’s Treasure Box

    I’m rich! Last week I visited The National Geology Museum. This is how a girl’s treasure box looks like….

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