Easy Populate Posts

Download plugin from WordPressThe is a helper plugin that allows developers to populate the sites with random content (posts with random tags, images, date in the past or in the future, sticky flag), but with specific meta values and taxonomy terms associated if the case. See also the version 2.0 new features.

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These are the settings of the plugin:

  • Content TextRandom, Lorem Ipsum or Star Wars.
  • ParagraphsRandom, 1 -> 5 (the number of paragraphs the generated content should have)
  • Post Type* –  you can select a post types
  • StickyRandom, Yes, No
  • Taxonomy* – you can select a taxonomy
  • Taxonomy Term ID – the term of the taxonomy that you want to be associated to the posts
  • Maximum – number of posts to be generated
  • Random Tags – you can define a list of tags that will be randomly attached to the posts
  • Title Prefix – you can add a prefix to the title of all the posts added (I use a “crazy prefix” to identify quick and delete the posts used to test different features, or to let other team members that these posts are used for tests or as samples, and should be removed at a point).
  • Date : Random, In the past (this will set the post status to publish), In the future (this will set the post status to future / scheduled)
  • Post Meta : the meta_key and the meta_value (you can add two meta)
  • Images Sources : the plugin allows you to define you own list of images that can be used to be attached as a featured image for the posts.

*  : these features are dynamic, meaning that the drop downs options are populated with entities registered on your application.


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