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  • Four Friends and a Car

    This year’s summer trip took us to Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy and France: four friends with a car, 10 days, almost 5500 Km, new people, new places and things, fun, and most of all… a lot of new good memories.  …

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  • An Arctic Expedition to Northern Norway

    For a long time, I have been dreaming to see the Northern Lights with my own eyes, at least one time in my journeys. We planned this trip for quite a while and prepared for the right conditions to make this possible: the locations and the season. What…

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  • Andalusia – Spain 2018

    We did it again! We took a plane to Spain and rented a car, traveled through the south of Spain. We had such good food, the weather was very hot for October and we could even enjoy the sea waves, we saw new and exciting things, reconnected with nature,…

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  • Autumn Trip to Danube Delta

    Last week we visited the Danube Delta, Caraorman Forest (a strictly protected reserve with brown oak trees and many rare plants that thrive in the area – the access to the area is permitted only with a guide on the designated route), and the moving…

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  • Six friends, a car and Iceland

    Last week we visited Iceland. We rented a car and traveled almost 1800 kilometers, met nice people, saw so many beautiful places. It was cold this time of the year, very windy, we got all seasons in one day, but overall, this was one of the best trips…

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  • Four Friends, a Hiking Trail and a Lake

    This weekend we went to Lacul Vulturilor (Eagles’ Lake – The Bottomless Lake), in Siriu Mountains. It was just the four of us, and a friendly stray dog, that accompanied us all the way. It took us 7 hours, and we covered almost 24 km….

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  • A Girl’s Treasure Box

    I’m rich! Last week I visited The National Geology Museum. This is how a girl’s treasure box looks like….

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