Image Regenerate & Select Crop 4.4

Download plugin from WordPressStarting with version 4.4, the Image Regenerate & Select Crop plugin has some new features, please see below more details.

== Summary for 4.4 version ==



Medium & Large Crop Settings

With 4.4 version, the plugin introduces the NEW Images Custom Settings. These new options are available in the Settings > Media page in wp-admin.

The settings allow you to override the default crop for the medium and large size of the images. Please note that the crop will apply to the designated image size only if it has both with and height defined (as you know, when you set 0 to one of the sizes, the image will be scaled proportionally, hence, the crop cannot be applied).


Register Custom Image Sizes

NEW This new feature allows you to configure your own image sizes, the options are available in the Settings > Media page in wp-admin.

Use this feature wisely!
“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Please consult with a front-end developer before deciding to define more image sizes in the application, as most of the times just updating the native image sizes settings and updating the front-end code (the theme) is enough.

If you decided it is absolutely necessary to have new custom image sizes, you can make the setup with this plugin and the image sizes will be registered programmatically in your application if you configured these correctly (you have to input the size name and at least the width or height).

However, please make sure you only define these below if you are sure this is really necessary, as, any additional image size registered in your application is decreasing the performance on the images upload processing and also creates extra physical files on your hosting.

Also, please note that changing the image sizes names or width and height values is not recommended after these were defined and your application started to create images for these specifications.


Gutenberg Support Filters

NEW The plugin has new filters to support users that use Gutenberg, the featured image of the document will display the plugin buttons (to see details and regenerate options) when editing the page/post.


Other features

  • The plugin has been tested up to 5.0.1


Extended available options, technical & non-technical details common for ver < 4.4

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