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Looking for a WordPress Sticky Header plugin?

Sticky Header 2020 to the rescue!

This plugin will make your WordPress site header sticky with additional options. This plugin appends custom functionality to the native customizer, and provides the settings for making the header sticky, with settings for scroll minification, shadow, background, spacing, text, menu and icons colors, etc. This plugin is compatible with the new Twenty Twenty WordPress theme.

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== Sticky Header 2020 Features Summary ==


Header General Settings

By default, the plugin will target the Twenty Twenty default header, which is #site-header, but you can specify another element ID for targeting the sticky header, if you are using a different theme, or your own customization. In this way, the element/header will become sticky on scroll together with the elements it contains: the navigation/menu, the search icon, the logo, etc.

You can turn on/off the sticky header at any time.
The sticky header general settings can be changed very easy. When you change the header height the logo will be resized based on the header height and the vertical spacing (the logo and menu top and bottom spacing).

The units can be px, em, rem, % or vh (it’s recommended to use px for a more accurate result).


Minify on Scroll

When you scroll the page, the header (also the logo) will reduce its height. The settings for the minified sticky header can be adjusted below. To preview the changes you have to scroll up and down the page.


Header Size on Mobile/Tablet

You can adjust the header height and the vertical spacing for the main elements it contains. This can be different than the height on desktop or the minified size on scroll.


Links & Submenu Settings

You can change the submenu background color, in order to create a nice contrast and make the navigation more visible.

Also, you can disable the underline decoration that is applied to the menu links by default, for a cleaner look (this option will remove the underline from the submenu items too).


Hide Labels

By default, Twenty Twenty is displaying a label under the menu and search. If you need to show only the icons, then this option allows you to hide the labels independently.

Sticky Header 2020


Sticky Header 2020 – PRO Version

The PRO version of the plugins allows for more customization of the header and the elements it contains. See all the details.


Sticky Header 2020

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