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Uncover expert tips and tricks, unravel the technical nuances of the plugins, and embark on my travel chronicles. It’s a tapestry of knowledge weaving together practical guidance, intricate tech insights, and the tales that color my world.

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Trip to Crete, 2019

Trip to Crete, 2019

This year I saw Crete for the first time. My husband went there a few years back and he told me that I have to see this beautiful island. I was not disappointed.

An Arctic Expedition to Northern Norway

For a long time, I have been dreaming to see the Northern Lights with my own eyes, at least one time in my journeys.

Andalusia – Spain 2018

We did it again! We took a plane to Spain and rented a car, traveled through the south of Spain…


Compute the Difference Between Two Date Timestamps

This demo allows you to compute online the difference between two date…


Six friends, a car and Iceland

Last week we visited Iceland. We rented a car and traveled almost 1800 kilometers, met nice…


Four Friends, a Hiking Trail and a Lake

This weekend we went to Lacul Vulturilor (Eagles’ Lake – The Bottomless…


Recipe for Happiness: Vienna, #WCEU, David Gilmour and Friends

Last weekend I attended the first WordCamp Europe. It is always…


A Girl’s Treasure Box

I’m rich! Last week I visited The National Geology Museum. This is how a girl’s treasure box…

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