Welcome to my website!

I invite you to check my WordPress plugins, these are free and you can download each from the WordPress repositories. If you are looking for a more sophisticated approach, for specific WordPress tools and customization, please visit my online mini-shop or contact me for a quotation.

My Plugins

You can find in the plugins section details about configuring and working with the plugins I build, details for both technical and non-technical people. Here are the most recently updated ones, but you can find more in the plugins section.

WordPress Premium Plugins & Extensions

If you are looking for a more sophisticated approach, for specific tools and customization, you can purchase the premium extensions from my online mini-shop.

Tools, Tips & Tricks

I am sharing here my presentations, articles, code samples, and things I find useful, online tools and small demos.

My Travels

This is my journey in a few words about the people with whom I shared these experiences, places I have seen, and things that I liked. I take all the photos with my phone, and I do not have any photography experience.

  • Spring Vacation – Andalusia, Spain We had a small and atypical spring break and spent the time enjoying the amazing scenery and delicious food in Andalusia.
  • Autumn Trip to Northern Sweden Sweden really gave it all, a beautiful full display of the Northern Lights, beautiful weather, snow, sunny days, rainbows, amazing autumn colors, lakes, forests.
  • Summer Vacation 2021 – Part 2 – Malmö and Copenhagen Thanks to the awesome team I work with, I got an extended vacation this summer, hence more time to recharge my batteries and to do the things I like.
  • Summer Vacation 2021 – Brezoi and Thassos We got to spend the first part of our summer vacation with friends and family, we traveled almost 2150 km by car in Romania and Greece, had good weather, and lots of sun and fresh air.
  • Trip to Cheile Zănoagei, Romanian Mountains We finally took the first 2020 trip to the Romanian mountains, to Cheile Zănoagei, after four months of lockdown and isolation, accompanied by our amazing and funny friends, Anca and Cătălin.