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I am sharing here my presentations, articles, code samples, downloadable snippets, and things I find useful, online tools and small demos, ways to fix various issues.

Color Palette Generator for WordPress

Color Palette Generator For Better WordPress Accessibility

Discover the Color Palette Generator: boost your WordPress site’s design & accessibility with custom, WCAG-compliant color schemes.

Exploring the Latest Post Shortcode Configuration and Results

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a simple yet informative demo that showcases how the Latest Post Shortcode can be configured to create visually…


Creating Grid Columns with Uneven Row Heights, Resembling column-count, While Preserving Element Order

This straightforward…


Free CSS and HTML Grid Generator – Demo and Code Snippet

This is a useful online tool for both designers and programmers…


Compute the Difference Between Two Date Timestamps

This demo allows you to compute online the difference between two date…