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I am sharing here my presentations, articles, code samples, downloadable snippets, and things I find useful, online tools and small demos, ways to fix various issues.

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Color Palette Generator for WordPress

Color Palette Generator For Better WordPress Accessibility

Discover the Color Palette Generator: boost your WordPress site’s design & accessibility with custom, WCAG-compliant color schemes.

Exploring the Latest Post Shortcode Configuration and Results

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a simple yet informative demo that showcases how the Latest Post Shortcode can be configured to create visually…


How to Apply Links to WordPress Native Gallery Captions

The WordPress native gallery is very easy to use and this functionality…


The Need to Remove and Restore WordPress Filters

WordPress filters are a powerful tool for customizing and extending the…


How to Accurately Determine an Element’s Top Position in JavaScript

In web development, determining the precise top…


How to Implement a Custom Card Output for LPS

Here is a small snippet that allows you to use the Latest Post Shortcode plugin…


How to display related posts on your WordPress site

Most of the time we want to keep the visitors more on our websites, by…


How to Automatically Set a Specific Template to New WordPress Posts – Snippet Included

Applying by default a specific…


WordPress Tips: Simplify Gutenberg Embed Block Variants

WordPress Gutenberg editor is very easy to use and it provides out-of-the-box…


How to Trim Strings and Keep HTML Tags – Snippet Included

There are a lot of methods for trimming strings that take…


Images Optimization for WordPress and Why Just Compressing Images Is Not Enough

Images optimization is a fascinating topic…


Drag & Drop AJAX Uploader Tutorial: Complete How-To Guide, Pretty Design, with Restrictions on File Type & Size

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