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Uncover expert tips and tricks, unravel the technical nuances of the plugins, and embark on my travel chronicles. It’s a tapestry of knowledge weaving together practical guidance, intricate tech insights, and the tales that color my world.

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LPS 12.0.0 New Features Live Demos

This page shows different examples of the Latest Post Shortcode block setup, mostly focused on the new features that were released in version 12.0.0.

Exploring the Latest Post Shortcode Configuration and Results

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a simple yet informative demo that showcases how the Latest Post Shortcode can be configured to create visually…


Winter Getaway 2023 – Traditions, Celebrations, and a Captivating Istanbul Adventure

This winter, my adventures were…


The Need to Remove and Restore WordPress Filters

WordPress filters are a powerful tool for customizing and extending the…


How to Accurately Determine an Element’s Top Position in JavaScript

In web development, determining the precise top…


A Glimpse of Summer in October

For our Autumn break, we embarked on a journey back to Crete, a destination that had captured…


Images Optimization for WordPress and Why Just Compressing Images Is Not Enough

Images optimization is a fascinating topic…


What Other People Say About My Image Regenerate & Select Crop WordPress Plugin

Image regeneration in WordPress is a…


Creating Grid Columns with Uneven Row Heights, Resembling column-count, While Preserving Element Order

This straightforward…


How to set up a cPanel VPS on a server running Proxmox, with only 1 internet connection

I am sharing this cool video tutorial…


Summer Vacation 2023

This summer was intense, Cezar and I traveled in 4 countries: Norway, Germany, Austria, and Romania…


Developer of the Week on Kode24

I have been featured as “ukas koder” (developer of the week) on the kode24 website…

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