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This is my journey in a few words about the people with whom I shared these experiences, places I have seen, and things that I liked. I take all the photos with my phone, and I do not have any photography experience.

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Winter Getaway 2023 – Traditions, Celebrations, and a Captivating Istanbul Adventure

Winter Getaway 2023 – Traditions, Celebrations, and a Captivating Istanbul Adventure

This winter, my adventures were marked by unforgettable experiences, from a quaint getaway to joyous reunions, each moment painting a beautiful picture of the season’s spirit.

A Glimpse of Summer in October

For our Autumn break, we embarked on a journey back to Crete, a destination that had captured our hearts during our previous visit. What awaited us was an experience that mirrored our past adventure…


Summer Vacation 2023

This summer was intense, Cezar and I traveled in 4 countries: Norway, Germany, Austria, and Romania…


WordCamp Europe 2023, Athens, Greece

The past years changed many things for lots of people. After two years we finally got…


Spring Vacation – Gran Canary Island, Spain

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, good food and many things to…


Trip to Iceland, or how to continue the amazing adventure

Iceland is as beautiful as I recall it to be, and we got the great…


Spring Vacation – Andalusia, Spain

We had a small and atypical spring break and spent the time enjoying the amazing…


Autumn Trip to Northern Sweden

Sweden really gave it all, a beautiful full display of the Northern Lights, beautiful weather…


Summer Vacation 2021 – Part 2 – Malmö and Copenhagen

Thanks to the awesome team I work with, I got an extended vacation…


Summer Vacation 2021 – Brezoi and Thassos

We got to spend the first part of our summer vacation with friends and family…


Trip to Cheile Zănoagei, Romanian Mountains

We finally took the first 2020 trip to the Romanian mountains, to Cheile Zănoagei…


Amazing Trip to Lofoten and Oslo, Norway

There are places I instantly fall in love with. Lofoten is one of these places…

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