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You can find in the WordPress plugins section details about configuring and working with the plugins I build, tutorials and how to’s, and details for both technical and non-technical people.

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Easy Populate Posts Banner

Easy Populate Posts

If you need a WordPress helper plugin that allows you to populate the sites with dummy content, you have to check this out. NEW! You can generate the content as Gutenberg blocks or even as Gutenberg templates too.

Latest Post Shortcode, the Easy Way to Display Posts

The “Latest Post Shortcode” helps you display a custom selection of articles as a list/grid (or slider), using your posts, pages, custom post types, products and variations…


Image Regenerate & Select Crop WordPress Plugin

The plugin allows you to manage advanced settings for images, to override…


How to Apply Links to WordPress Native Gallery Captions

The WordPress native gallery is very easy to use and this functionality…


Emails Catch All

This WordPress free plugin grants unparalleled control over outgoing emails from your application. Configure…


WPINS – Elevate Your WordPress Maps

This premium plugin empowers you to seamlessly integrate stunning, customized Google…


Easy Replace Image

This plugin allows you to replace attachment files without deleting the attachment, hence without altering…


Easy Populate Posts 3.7

If you need a helper plugin that allows you to populate the sites with dummy content, you have to…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.6.2

The features introduced in version 9.6.2 include the Gutenberg block and a new option for sorting…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.6

The features introduced in version 9.6 include the tiles grid options for different screen sizes…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.5

The features introduced in version 9.5 include the infinite scroll, the slider wrapper configurable…

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