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Summer Vacation 2021 – Brezoi and Thassos

We got to spend the first part of our summer vacation with friends and family, we traveled almost 2150 km by car in Romania and Greece, had good weather, and lots of sun and fresh air.

Summer Vacation 2021 – Brezoi and Thassos

Summer Vacation 2021

The first part of this year’s summer vacation started with a music festival – Mentor Rock Gathering In Memoriam Adi Barar, at Brezoi, Romania. We traveled with our dear friends Anca and Cătălin and enjoyed a few days of fresh air and good music. I did not expect to have such cool evenings comparing to the temperatures in Bucharest, but the weather was very good and we did not get much rain (contrary to the weather forecast). Check out some awesome photos from the festival at Let’s Rock (photos by Anca), E-Zine (photos by Cezar), and Metalforce (photos by Cătălin).

The second part of the summer vacation we traveled to Greece with my parents, Vasi and Nelu. We traveled by car from Romania through Bulgaria, then to Greece. The road through Bulgaria is very long and there are all sorts of random (really no logic for it) speed restrictions. Because of the current restrictions, we waited about one hour at the Greece customs. Thassos changed a lot since our last visit there, most of it in a good way. If you would ask me about the nicest beaches in Thassos I would recommend Paradise Beach, Psili Ammos Beach, Skala Marion, and Golden Beach.