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Amazing Trip to Lofoten and Oslo, Norway

There are places I instantly fall in love with. Lofoten is one of these places. Anca, Cătălin, Cezar and I, a.k.a. #fantasticfour, loved our trip last year to Norway so much that we decided we have to visit more of this beautiful country. So, we planned the trip in advance, building up the excitement. We picked again the month of March so that we have more chances to see the Northern Lights, and we were lucky again.

Amazing Trip to Lofoten and Oslo, Norway

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Part 1 – Lofoten

First, we visited the beautiful Lofoten island. The weather was warmer than last year, we had sunny days and starry nights.

I cannot describe how beautiful I find this place to be: the landscapes, the roads, the people, the houses. “I would like to live in such a place”, I was thinking to myself. I can try and imagine how difficult it must be to live so remotely, in a small fishing village, to make everything by yourself, to face nature and harsh weather, how healthy, fit and mentally robust you must be to survive in such a place, and how difficult it must be to deal with so little sunlight during the year.

I can only admire these people.

Part 2 – Oslo

Last time we visited Norway we did not get the chance to visit Oslo, so we did it this time. We visited the Viking Ship Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo Opera House, and visited the city, we indulged ourselves with local cuisine and with the amazing Freya chocolate.

I am so thankful for meeting the amazing and beautiful people I met in Oslo.
I am starting to believe that there are no coincidences.