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Beautiful Athens and the New Year

I liked a lot the New Year’s fireworks, these were the most beautiful I have seen. I loved the simplicity and the fact that the night sky was not crowded by many fireworks. Athens’s fireworks were elegant and colorful.

Beautiful Athens and the New Year

Beautiful Athens

We decided to spend the last days of December and the beginning of the new year in Athens. My husband and I visited Greece many times, and we were just passing through Athens, but never visited this city, so I was very excited to spend some time there and visit The Acropolis of Athens, the famous ancient citadel above the city of Athens. We were not alone, we had the company of our friends Anca, Cătălin, Sasha, and Andrei.

For anyone that is not familiar with the Romanian way of celebrating the beginning of the year, this happens with lots of fireworks, the sky becomes just smoke, all the fireworks get to be fired almost at the same time and the sound is very loud (almost unbearable), extremely unpleasant and toxic. So, we wanted to have a different experience this year.