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Login IP & Country Restriction 4.1

The Login IP & Country Restriction WordPress plugin allows you to restrict the login on your website, based on the custom rules you apply. This helps with tightening your website security and fights against dictionary bot attacks originating from other countries, by denying access.

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By default, upon activation, the plugin does not apply any restriction. You can configure the plugin to allow the login only from specified IPs or from specified countries. Additionally, the plugin allows for redirects to the front page when the default “Login” and “Register” URLs are accessed by someone that has a restriction. You can also specify other custom URLs to be redirected to the front page as well, following the same restriction rules.

You can download the free plugin from the WordPress repository. If you would like to support my work, please leave a 5 stars rating, or share this plugin on your feed.
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== Summary for this version ==

Icons & Styles Updates

In this version, I added icons for each of the settings tabs and also updated the plugin styles to match the latest wp-admin styles.

Login IP & Country Restriction – PRO Version

In version 4.0 I added support for some new cool premium options.

The PRO version of the plugins allows for tightening, even more, your WordPress website security, as it introduces some new rules you can use to filter the users’ access to your website and online shops. 

See all the details.