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How to automatically set Elementor canvas template to new WordPress posts

How to Automatically Set a Specific Template to New WordPress Posts – Snippet Included

Applying by default a specific template to new posts, pages or custom post types seems like the fastest solution we can use to simplify workflows when it comes to quickly adding pages and…


How to Trim Strings and Keep HTML Tags – Snippet Included

There are a lot of methods for trimming strings that take into account the number of chars versus the number of words, but things get a bit complicated when…


Drag & Drop AJAX Uploader Tutorial: Complete How-To Guide, Pretty Design, with Restrictions on File Type & Size


How to create a slider using only JavaScript and CSS, without including other libraries

My example below is going to show…


How to set up a cPanel VPS on a server running Proxmox, with only 1 internet connection

I am sharing this cool video tutorial…