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Trip to Cheile Zănoagei, Romanian Mountains

We finally took the first 2020 trip to the Romanian mountains, to Cheile Zănoagei, after four months of lockdown and isolation, accompanied by our amazing and funny friends, Anca and Cătălin.

Trip to Cheile Zănoagei, Romanian Mountains

Zanoagei mountain gorges

Cheile Zănoagei offers some spectacular views, the mountain trail has a medium difficulty, with lots of climbing and descending through the pine forest. Most of the trail has great shelter from direct sunlight, and it follows the Ialomița river, so we were crossing a few old wooden bridges over the small river.

At the end of the trail, we could see Scropoasa Lake and “Seven Springs” Waterfall.

Our trip with WPINS





Cheile Zănoagei


Crossing the bridge

Lacul Scropoasa

Cascada 7 izvoare





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