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Images SEO Premium Extension

Yearly License. This extension allows you to rename the image files (bulk rename, individual rename, or image rename on upload). Also, the extension provides the feature to override the attachment attributes based on your settings.

Images SEO Premium Extension




This extension allows you to rename the images files (bulk rename, individual rename or image rename on upload). Also, the extension provides the feature to override the attachments attributes based on your settings. Requirements: Image Regenerate & Select Crop plugin (free) at least version 5.0 The extension works with Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor. See the License Details tab for more information. The screenshots below are just examples. Please note that the prices presented in the video are subject to change, without prior notice.


The extension helps your SEO efforts by allowing you to change the image filenames and attributes. The extension main options are:
  • Rename Files – renames of the attachment files (also the image sizes generated).
  • Track Initial File – keeps a record of the initial filename (if the file is renamed).
  • Override Title – overrides the attachment title with the inherited title (parent name – page/post/product, etc.).
  • Override Alternative – overrides the attachment alternative text with the inherited title.
  • Override Permalink – overrides the attachment permalink with the inherited title.
  • Show Rename Button – enables the Images SEO meta box for the selected post types, with buttons to settings and rename options.
  • Rename Images on Upload – enables the automatically rename of files when uploaded to the selected post types.
  • Bulk Rename Images for Types – enables specified post types for use in the bulk rename process.
These options can be individually turned on/off at any time, depending on your SEO needs. The ones enabled will be used for processing images on upload, on bulk rename, and on manual rename too. Please note that the list of post types depends on the post types and custom post types that are detected in your site. The screenshots are just an example.


The bulk rename process is targeting images set as featured image (for all post types selected that support the featured image feature) or attached as media (uploaded to that posts as children). For WooCommerce products, the rename will include also the gallery images. Please note that any of the rename process options (on upload, manual rename, bulk rename) will override the attachment attributes based on the images SEO settings you made.


Get your yearly license now! The license key will automatically be available in your account after the payment is complete. Payment is done securely and safely through PayPal.

Additional information

License Key

valid for 1 year


valid for 1 domain/website, for multiple websites – please purchase the plugin for every additional domain


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