The plugin allows to manage advanced settings for images, to override the native medium and large crop option, to register new custom image sizes. It allows you to regenerate and crop the images (bulk or individually), provides details about the image sizes registered in the application and the status of each image sizes for images, allows you to cleanup the unnecessary images. Check this out if you need a “one-stop solution” for image optimization.

== Summary for version 5.0 ==

Image Regenerate in WordPress & Select Crop’s quite practical for regenerating thumbnails after creating custom images sizes or changing themes. With all the available tools inside the plugin, you can take care of all the images on your site, even for responsive sizes.
Orana Velarde,
Elegant Themes
Another one-stop solution is the Image Regenerate & Select Crop plugin. It’s new and hasn’t got much of a user base yet... its feature set looks promising.
David Coleman,
Have Camera
If you are annoyed at the fact that WordPress generates fifty thousand different thumbnails of every single image you upload, you can use this to go through and say for what post type what image size you need and delete the ones you don't want... this one is something that's easier to use without technical knowledge and it would just clear out some of the clutter in the media library...
Sallie Goetsch,
WP Fangirl

See more about what other people say about my Image Regenerate & Select Crop WordPress plugin.


Menu Items & Separate Current Features

Image Regenerate & Select Crop Menu Items NEW Version 5.0 introduces changes to allow direct access to the features from the main menu, including the enabled extensions.

Also, the current features are separated and can be accessed from the menu. These are:

  • General Settings,
  • Advanced Rules,
  • Media settings custom options,
  • Additional Sizes,
  • Features Manager
    • Import/Export
    • Images SEO
    • Uploads Folder Info
    • Uploads Inspector


Resume Regenerate & Turn On/Off WooCommerce Thumbnails Generator

There are two NEW options available in version 5.0.

Image Regenerate & Select Crop - Resume RegenerateThe resume regenerate button will be shown in the general settings page for all the image sizes for which you are regenerating the images, if the process was initiated and did not complete. This new button will allow continuing the processing of images from where it previously stopped.

Turn off/on WooCommerce background thumbnails regenerate

The turn off/on the WooCommerce background thumbnails regenerate is a new option available also in the general settings page. This can be useful when you are using watermarks on your photos and also if you want to prevent any additional generation of images for non-product items.



Free & Premium Extensions Support

As mentioned above, the Image Regenerate & Select Crop is FREE, it just got so big and I have so many ideas on what to add to make your work easier by providing NEW optional additional functionality. Version 5.0 adds support for plugin extensions. The features manager allows you to turn on/off additional functionality related to the plugin.

Image Regenerate & Select Crop


See below the extensions available for version 5.0. Please note that the prices presented in the video tutorials are subject to change, without prior notice, and the content is just for demo purpose.


This extension allows you to export and import the plugin settings from an instance to another. The export includes the general settings, the advanced rules, the media settings, and the additional sizes manages with this plugin. See below a mini-tutorial on how to enable/disable the extensions and how to activate the license key for premium extensions.

Images SEO

This extension allows you to rename the images files (bulk rename, individual rename or image rename on upload). Also, the extension provides the feature to override the attachments attributes based on your settings. See more details and screenshots related to this extension.

Uploads Folder Info

This extension allows you to see details about your application uploads folder: the total files size, the number of folders (and sub-folders), the number of files. See more details and screenshots related to this extension.

Uploads Inspector

This extension allows you to analyze the files from your uploads folder (even the orphaned files, these not associated with attachment records in the database) and see details about their size, MIME type, attachment IDs, images sizes, etc. See more details and screenshots related to this extension.

License Key Activation Process

Feature Request

Feel free to open a new feature request. As you know, my time is limited, but if your request turns into a new premium extension, you might be eligible for a free one-year license key for that functionality.



Image Regenerate & Select Crop

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