Free CSS and HTML Grid Generator – Demo and Code Snippet

Free CSS and HTML Grid Generator – Demo and Code Snippet

This free CSS and HTML grid generator contains an interactive demo that generates also the code snippet with your configured CSS grid.

Lately, most of the projects I worked on are using the powerful CSS grid feature for styling various functionality. There are lots of threads and online forums where we can read about CSS grids and how to build them using HTML and CSS, but not all of them are easy to follow, nor accompanied by visual helpers.

I like to help out, so I built an interactive tool that can show you in real-time how to set up your grid according to your liking, and even has a featured column that will behave differently. Everything will scale on all devices and at the same time, you will be able to see/copy the CSS and HTML snippets you can add to your project.

This can be a useful tool for both designers and programmers that are looking for creating a layout or UX based only on CSS + HTML. This is a pure CSS grid that will align elements without using any JavaScript code. Let’s call this tool the “Online CSS and HTML Grid Generator” made easy.

Most of the time, setting up the CSS grid does not present a difficulty, but when we need to align the content horizontally or vertically only with CSS that’s another story. As a bonus, I have also made the example render the columns with equal height, and provided the options to vertically align the content to top, center/middle, or bottom of the columns. In addition to this, the content can be aligned horizontally to the left, center, or to right.

In this demo, you will have all options for aligning the content within the CSS grid with instant feedback, so as soon as you will drag the sliders or change the options you will see the changes happening below.

Free CSS and HTML Grid Generator

Grid & featured column settings

(use the options below to change the grid appearance)

Grid Columns

(number of elements per row)

Grid Spacing

(space between element, in rem)

Grid Columns Padding

(padding inside each element, in rem)

Grid Vertical Alignment

(default for all columns)

Grid Horizontal Alignment

(default for all columns)

Featured Column Span

(only for the orange column)

Featured Column Vertical Alignment

(only for the orange column)

Featured Column Horizontal Alignment

(only for the orange column)


Grid Preview

(the result of the above settings)




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