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I am sharing here my presentations, articles, code samples, downloadable snippets, and things I find useful, online tools and small demos, ways to fix various issues.

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A Quick List of Checks & Actions to Perform Before Starting to Code

A Quick List of Checks & Actions to Perform Before Starting to Code

While working on various and diverse projects, that are either under M&S (already in production and I am only handling support) or ready to go live (hence all the live features are in place), I spotted some…


Brief Introduction to Acceptance Testing

Last month I survived my first public presentation, at Bucharest WordPress Meetup, our local monthly meetup. Special thanks to Marius Vetrici, Bogdan Dragomir and Cezar Cazan for all…


How to Setup a Local Development Environment in 5 Minutes

When you are working on diverse projects on your own or with other…


Creating Grid Columns with Uneven Row Heights, Resembling column-count, While Preserving Element Order

This straightforward…


How to fix the missing captions from the gallery without re-selecting each image

Have you noticed that after the most recent…


How to create a slider using only JavaScript and CSS, without including other libraries

My example below is going to show…


How to set up a cPanel VPS on a server running Proxmox, with only 1 internet connection

I am sharing this cool video tutorial…


How to fix translation in multi-language website + WooCommerce + AJAX checkout

I have been working recently on a multi-language…


How to Integrate Google reCAPTCHA v3 in Forms that Use AJAX Validation

I recently had to update one of the sites that is…


Free CSS and HTML Grid Generator – Demo and Code Snippet

This is a useful online tool for both designers and programmers…

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