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Easy Populate Posts 3.4

This is a helper plugin that allows developers to populate the sites with random content (posts with random tags, featured images, date in the past or in the future, sticky flag, etc.), but with specific meta values and taxonomy terms associated if the case.

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More Post Meta

Starting with version 3.4, there are two new pairs of key & value that can be used for specifying post meta.

Create Taxonomy Terms

A new option was added in this version, that allows you to specify taxonomy terms by names, not just by term IDs. If the terms are not found for the specified taxonomy, then the terms will be created and assigned to the generated posts.

Also, if there is any term associated with the category taxonomy, the posts will not be assigned by default to the uncategorized one.

New Options Grouping & Hints

The options for generating random posts are grouped differently, the tags and taxonomies are now grouped under “Terms”.

Also, the status was changed to be a visible option all the time, with the hints for non-specified publish date that allows predicting the status of the generated posts depending on the publish date provided.

You can download the free plugin from the WordPress repository. If you would like to support my work, please leave a 5 stars rating, or share this plugin on your feed.
A huge thanks in advance!