This is a helper plugin that allows developers to populate the sites with random content (posts with random tags, featured images, date in the past or in the future, sticky flag, etc.), but with specific meta values and taxonomy terms associated if the case. Also, you can use a custom counter in the title to make it easy for testings, generate the content as Gutenberg blocks.

== Summary for version 3.7.0 ==


UI updates

In this version the UI was updated, the available options are grouped vertically to see all in the first screen, and have more easy access to the settings and populate posts buttons. The populated posts are showing just some of the content that is generating, this allows to see more of the results without scrolling too much.



Option for generating Gutenberg blocks

This new option allows generating the content as Paragraph Gutenberg blocks. When this option is enabled, a secondary option becomes available to make the first paragraph to us Drop Cap option of the block, making the first paragraph stand out.



Image samples

In this version, the plugin sample images were updated and there are 5 of them now. All of the photos are done with my phone, during my trips, and are free to use.


Other Updates

  • Tested up to 5.8
  • Fixed the load of multiple sample images on Safari when saving the settings


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