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Easy Populate Posts

If you need a helper plugin that allows you to populate the sites with dummy content, you have to check this out. NEW! You can generate the content as Gutenberg blocks or even as Gutenberg templates too.

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This is a helper plugin that allows developers to populate the sites with random content (posts with random tags, featured images, dates in the past or in the future, sticky flags, etc.), but with specific meta values and taxonomy terms associated if the case. Also, you can use a custom counter in the title to make it easy to test and generate the content as Gutenberg blocks or Gutenberg templates.

You can download the free plugin from the WordPress repository. If you would like to support my work, please leave a 5 stars rating, or share this plugin on your feed.
A huge thanks in advance!

  • Tested up to 6.0.2

Added the Gutenberg template option in the content type dropdown.

This allows you to copy/paste there the template you want to use, and even use the plugin custom patterns that generate random content (check out the example shown when you click the info icon).

  • Added new helper hooks: spp_filter_post_statuses, spp_filter_post_taxonomies, spp_prepare_post_data, spp_after_post_inserted, spp_before_post_image_attached, spp_after_post_image_attached. The custom hooks allow developers to change the data and perform additional actions after the plugin main events are executed.

Added the option to save settings as groups that can be restored.

This option allows you to set up different combinations of attributes for each post type (for example) and easily switch from one set to another.

  • Added the option to import/export the settings groups as JSON. This is useful when you want to use the same settings in multiple instances or share these with your team.
  • Updated the images samples with some beautiful landscapes I got to see and capture with my phone while traveling this summer with the amazing Dekode team (Lofoten, Norway).
  • Fixed the number of items to generate.

Testing the custom patterns that generate random content.

The patterns can be changed and tested before inserting these in the title or content to be generated.

Version 3.9.0

  • Tested up to 6.0.1
  • Added new patterns that can be used for even more random content
  • Added hints about reusable images from the media library and the patterns
  • Removed new core post types from the selectable list
  • Fixed the settings not saving all the terms options
  • Added filters for showing lists of meta
  • Added options to increase/decrease the number of taxonomies and meta options
  • Added the option to reuse images from the media library by specifying attachment IDs separated with a new line
  • Updated translation
  • Added the option to add random terms from the combination of term names and term IDs (otherwise all will apply)
  • Fixed the uncategorized term getting attached to generated posts

If you would like to support my work, please consider making a donation / buy me a coffee, leave a 5 stars rating, or share this plugin on your feed.
A huge thanks in advance!

Images Sample

In this version, the plugin sample images were updated and there are 10 of them now. All of the photos are done with my phone, during my trips, and are free to use.