Latest Post Shortcode 9.3

== Summary for 9.3 version ==


Custom Tile Markup Filter Arguments Update

In version 9.3 the NEW $args argument was added for the filter lps_filter_use_custom_tile_markup (the custom tile markup filter), in order to allow access from other scripts to the shortcode configuration.


Sticky Posts Filters

With version 9.3 there is available a NEW filtering option, related to the sticky posts: only sticky posts, no sticky posts, no restriction in terms of sticky option.
By default, there is no restriction in displaying sticky posts.


Taxonomy Filter

MOD With version 9.3 there the option of filtering by taxonomy terms was improved, by adding a new taxonomy dropdown and the input for specifying the terms. This allows for a more targeted filtering of posts.


Other updates

  • The plugin has been tested up to WordPress 5.2.2
  • NEW A new extra option was added for line break. Using this option, the code will clear the content below, by adding a line break after the shortcode.

Extended available options, technical & non-technical details common for ver < 9.3


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