Emails Catch All 2.0

Download plugin from WordPressThis plugin allows you to set a catch all email address that will receive a copy of all the emails sent from the application or that will replace the recipients for all the emails sent, based on the settings you apply.

The version 2.0 available options:

  • Just record the emails or use more options that allows also the replace or receive of emails;
  • Recipients email: the email address/addresses (separated with comma) to be used to receive a copy/replace all email recipients sent from the application;
  • Recipients type:
    • receive a copy: the emails will be sent to the intended recipients as normal + a copy of all emails will be sent also to the catch all email address specified above;
    • replace all recipients: the emails will be sent only to the catch all email address specified above, the intended recipient will not receive the emails;
  • Content type: plain text or HTML – the content type for email sent through;
  • Record the emails for later review;
  • Send a test email to see the settings in action; The test incudes now NEW the output of the errors in the case the configuration is not correct and the test email could not be sent, so that you can identify and fix faster the issue;
  • NEW Enable SMTP authentication;
  • NEW Specify the SMTP servers (separate with ; if you have more, for example:;;
  • NEW The TCP port to connect to;
  • NEW SMTP username (for example;
  • NEW SMTP password;
  • NEW Enable TLS or SSL encryption;
  • NEW From Email: override the email address to be used as from for the emails;
  • NEW From Name: override the name to be used as from for the emails;
  • NEW Display separate the TO, CC, and BCC for the emails recorded.

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