Latest Post Shortcode 8.4

Download plugin from WordPressStarting with version 8.4, the Latest Post Shortcode plugin has some new features, please see below more details and samples that you can try.

== Summary for 8.4 version ==


The “load more” feature

This new feature allows you to configure the pagination as a “load more” button with a customizable button text. The attributes that were updated are showpages="more" and NEW loadtext="Load more". The load more button is positioned under the items list and it is not available anymore when the end of the list was reached.

Demo shortcode and the shortcode output:

[latest-selected-content limit="2" perpage="2" showpages="more" loadtext="Load more article <- Click me" pagespos="1" type="post" status="publish" orderby="dateD" show_extra="ajax_pagination" display="title,content-small" elements="0"]

The AJAX spinner option

NEW This is a new feature that allows you to enable/disable the AJAX spinner for the AJAX pagination (for the pagination and also the load more option). The spinner can be configured to be light or dark and it appends to the show_extra="ajax_pagination,light_spinner" argument.


Light spinner sample

Demo shortcode and below the shortcode output:

[latest-selected-content limit="2" perpage="2" showpages="3" pagespos="1" type="post" status="publish" orderby="dateD" show_extra="ajax_pagination,light_spinner" display="title,content-small" elements="0"]


Dark spinner sample

Demo shortcode and below the shortcode output:

[latest-selected-content limit="2" perpage="2" showpages="3" pagespos="1" type="post" status="publish" orderby="dateD" show_extra="ajax_pagination,dark_spinner" display="title,content-small" elements="0"]

New tile pattern with excerpt and content

NEW The new tile pattern allows you to display the title, date, excerpt and the content for the posts that you expose.

Date difference option

NEW The tiles that expose the date could display the date as time difference, so it would read 3 hours ago or 2 days ago, etc. The option appends to the show_extra="date_diff" argument.

Demo shortcode and the shortcode output:

[latest-selected-content limit="1" perpage="1" showpages="3" pagespos="1" display="title,date,content-small" chrlimit="120" url="yes" elements="1" type="post" status="publish" orderby="dateD" show_extra="ajax_pagination,light_spinner,pagination_all,date_diff,tags,taxpos_tags_after-text"]

Sliders without images

NEW This new feature allows for sliders without image. This is not suitable for all types of content as it comes with more limitations, like for example the fixed height. I do not recommended using this feature unless you are very sure you know how to customize this and write your own styles to make this look as you expect it.

Demo shortcode and the shortcode output:

[latest-selected-content output="slider" limit="7" type="post" status="publish" orderby="dateD" slidermode="horizontal" slideslides="2" slidescroll="1" sliderdots="true" sliderinfinite="true" slidersponsive="yes" sliderbreakpoint_tablet="768" slideslides_tablet="1" slidescroll_tablet="1" sliderdots_tablet="true" sliderbreakpoint_mobile="480" slideslides_mobile="1" slidescroll_mobile="1" sliderdots_mobile="false" sliderheight="fixed" respondto="window" slidermaxheight="100" sliderauto="true" sliderspeed="3000" chrlimit="300" url="yes" slidegap="10" css="sample-white"]

Other updates

The issue when the first page from pagination was not showing as selected by default is fixed.
The plugin was tested up to 4.9.8.

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