This plugin allows you to replace attachment files by uploading another image or by downloading one from a specified URL, without deleting the attachment. The plugin handles the image sizes generation and the attachment metadata update, and you will see the result right away.

== Summary for version 3.1.0 ==

See the plugin demo:

The plugin becomes very useful when you do not want to delete images and then upload new ones to your posts, because deleting and uploading new images (hence, creating new media entries) will make it more difficult to track and replace all occurrences of the images in all the content (if the images are embedded in the post/pages content).

Instead, you could use this plugin to just replace the media file with a new one, and the necessary images will be created, without altering the media references.

Search and replace

The plugin allows you to search for a specific image. The search will match the attachment ID, title, guid or image metadata. When you select an image from the search results, the option to replace the image will become available and the two options can be used.
Easy Replace Image

Links in the media view

The plugin appends a link to the media entry menu, that allows opening the replace feature for each image from that screen.
Easy Replace Image


Style updates

The plugin style was updated to make the features blend in more with the WordPress native screens.
Easy Replace Image

Easy Replace Image


Other Updates

Tested up to 5.8.1
New screenshots and demo video


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