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Exploring the Latest Post Shortcode Configuration

Exploring the Latest Post Shortcode Configuration and Results

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a simple yet informative demo that showcases how the Latest Post Shortcode can be configured to create visually striking and tailored content cards.

How to Implement a Custom Card Output for LPS

Here is a small snippet that allows you to use the Latest Post Shortcode plugin framework while also getting wild and creative with the results.

How to display related posts on your WordPress site

Most of the time we want to keep the visitors more on our websites, by…


Latest Post Shortcode, the easy way to display posts

The “Latest Post Shortcode” helps you display a custom selection of…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.6.2

The features introduced in version 9.6.2 include the Gutenberg block and a new option for sorting…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.6

The features introduced in version 9.6 include the tiles grid options for different screen sizes…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.5

The features introduced in version 9.5 include the infinite scroll, the slider wrapper configurable…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.3

The features introduced in Latest Post Shortcode 9.3 version include the custom tile markup filter…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.0

The features introduced in version 9.0 include the support for attachments as tiles, and date filters…


Latest Post Shortcode 8.7

The features introduced in version 8.7 include the configurable title wrap element, the raw content…


Latest Post Shortcode 8.6

All the features from >= 8.0 are available in this version too. Starting with version 8.6, the…


Latest Post Shortcode 8.4

Starting with version 8.4, the Latest Post Shortcode plugin has some new features, please see below…

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