What Other People Say About My Image Regenerate & Select Crop WordPress Plugin

Image regeneration in WordPress is a very useful feature. This is not included in the WordPress core but can be achieved using plugins. One of them is Image Regenerate & Select Crop, a free WordPress plugin that manages this in a very user-friendly way. It has no limitation in terms of the number of images to regenerate/crop and it includes several optimizations and a lot of settings.

Please see below a few mentions of my plugin on other websites, from people that tested, use, or recommend my plugin. These are not sponsored messages, I just found these on the web, and I thought to share these with you.

...it’s quite practical for regenerating thumbnails after creating custom images sizes or changing themes. With all the available tools inside the plugin, you can take care of all the images on your site, even for responsive sizes.
Orana Velarde,
Elegant Themes
Another one-stop solution is the Image Regenerate & Select Crop plugin. It’s new and hasn’t got much of a user base yet... its feature set looks promising.
David Coleman,
Have Camera
If you are annoyed at the fact that WordPress generates fifty thousand different thumbnails of every single image you upload, you can use this to go through and say for what post type what image size you need and delete the ones you don't want... this one is something that's easier to use without technical knowledge and it would just clear out some of the clutter in the media library...
Sallie Goetsch,
WP Fangirl
This will probably be a WordPress core feature before too long, but until then if you need to set the crop for your pictures and thumbnails, this is our favorite plugin to do it. There are other options that seem equal or better in terms of installs and reviews, but this is the one we have been using.
SEO Bandwagon Team
You can play around with the image sizes to get the best result for your store or WordPress Theme. But be aware that WordPress won’t automatically update the image sizes. You will need an image regeneration plugin to change all the image sizes... you can use a more advanced plugin that will let you crop uploaded images too.
EG Web Design Team
I find this plugin very useful...
If you are looking for a plugin then try this one out. It will give you a custom button to crop and upload the image... There are some doc and UI gallery available that will be helpful.

Useful for removing unused, but generated images... and you can indicate that you choose a certain format to act as an original.
Mulder IT Maatwerk
Useful for batch deletion and regeneration of unnecessary thumbnails.

... allows one to configure the plugin for global or post that is particularly connected images also to allow the developer mode for debugging if necessary.

Image Regenerate in WordPress & Select Crop

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