Latest Post Shortcode 8.6

All the features from > = 8.0 are available in this version too. Starting with version 8.6, the Latest Post Shortcode plugin introduces the support for four columns and the overlay option. == Summary for 8.6 version

Latest Post Shortcode 8.4

Starting with version 8.4, the Latest Post Shortcode plugin has some new features, please see below more details and samples that you can try. == Summary for 8.4 version == The “load more” feature The AJAX

Latest Post Shortcode 8.0

Starting with version 8.0, the plugin has a new UI and some new cool features. With this version, the output of the shortcode can be configured also as a slider, with responsive and different modes options. In this

Latest Post Shortcode

The plugin registers a configurable shortcode that allows you to create a dynamic content selection from your posts, pages and custom post types by combining and filtering what you need. The shortcode can be generated