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You can find in the WordPress plugins section details about configuring and working with the plugins I build, tutorials and how to’s, and details for both technical and non-technical people.

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Emails Catch All Banner

Emails Catch All 2.5

This plugin allows you to configure an email address to replace or receive a copy of all the emails sent from the application, based on the settings you apply. This can also record the emails and display these in your admin.

Image Regenerate & Select Crop 5.0

The plugin allows to manage advanced settings for images, to override the native medium and large crop option, to register new custom image sizes. It allows you to regenerate and crop…


Image Regenerate & Select Crop 4.8

In this version I implemented more changes that allow to track the background errors…


Image Regenerate & Select Crop 4.2

The plugin appends two custom buttons that allow you to regenerate and crop the images…

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