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You can find in the WordPress plugins section details about configuring and working with the plugins I build, tutorials and how to’s, and details for both technical and non-technical people.

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Easy Populate Posts Banner

Easy Populate Posts 1.0

The is a helper plugin that allows developers to populate the sites with random content (posts with random tags, images, date in the past or in the future, sticky flag), but with specific meta values and taxonomy terms associated if the case.

Latest Post Shortcode Slider Extension

The plugin is an extension for the Latest Post Shortcode plugin and allows you to output the static or dynamical selection you make as a responsive slider with a different configuration…


Emails Catch All 1.0

This plugin allows you to configure an email address to replace or receive a copy of all the emails…


Latest Post Shortcode Options Sample


Easy Populate Posts 2.0

Checkout the new features from Easy Populate Post 2.0

Latest Post Shortcode 8.4

Starting with version 8.4, the Latest Post Shortcode plugin has some new features, please see below…


Latest Post Shortcode 8.6

All the features from >= 8.0 are available in this version too. Starting with version 8.6, the…


Latest Post Shortcode 8.7

The features introduced in version 8.7 include the configurable title wrap element, the raw content…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.0

The features introduced in version 9.0 include the support for attachments as tiles, and date filters…


Image Regenerate & Select Crop 4.7

Starting with version 4.7, the Image Regenerate & Select Crop plugin has some…


Latest Post Shortcode 9.3

The features introduced in Latest Post Shortcode 9.3 version include the custom tile markup filter…

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